Join us at our FREE plant giveaways this summer! Events are held in a public parc and will be crowded. If you require accommodation, please contact us at [email protected] ahead of time.

Plant donors should arrive at noon, and can pick up plants in priority starting at 12:30.

August 10 – Springhurst Park from 1 pm to 2:30 pm

We will be at the corner of Brunswick street and Springhurst avenue. Do not follow your Google navigator as it will not bring you to the right place.

Instructions for Donors:

  • Please only donate plants that are considered native to Ontario or Québec by VASCAN. You can contact Mélanie ([email protected]) ahead of time to confirm whether or not to bring your plants.
  • Do not donate non-native species, nor plants that are growing intertwined with non-native species.
  • Please arrive at 12:00. If you are donating plants, you can choose plants in priority starting at 12:30.
  • Please fill in this donation form prior to your arrival. Our volunteers will be reviewing them with you on site:…/1v62QAPrPuiCz8Dr4CJ0NZkE…/edit
  • You can either bring your pots full of seedlings or plants in water. No need to repot; plants that have been in water will handle transplanting better if they are fully hydrated.
  • Containers to bring donations in:…

Instructions for Recipients:

  • Once you have picked up plants, put them in the reserved area and do not pick plants in the reserved area.
  • Bring your labels, containers, boxes, or bags to carry your plants.
  • Please be considerate of others who may arrive later. Take only enough plants that you know you will be able to manage. There will be other opportunities to get free plants and seeds.

No donation required to get FREE plants! If you have extra goodies or drinks, please bring them to make this a welcoming place to meet new friends!