Seed donations are accepted at any of our events.


This section provides instructions, printable labels, forms and additional information to donate native seeds seeds and plants. You can check our YouTube channel to find tips to help you harvest and donate seeds. 

Only donations of straight species, (no cultivars) native to Ontario and Québec are accepted.

VASCAN is the reference used to determine whether a species is native or not. You can watch this video by Sundaura Alford-Purvis to learn how to navigate VASCAN.

We ask donors to bring their seeds at our seed packing events as much as possible. Otherwise, we will accept them at our seed giveaways.


Why the origin matters

The best way to confirm a plant is native is to buy them from trusted sources. Trusted sources declare where their seeds or plants come from, and confirm that they have been harvested ethically.

We have many options locally

There are other options in Ontario


Envelope donations are accepted at any of our events.

Learn how to make your own envelopes by looking at our YouTube video. If you prefer to buy seed envelopes, you can buy the smallest size you can find (typically coin size n.1)

Print and put the appropriate labels (you can also handwrite the information)

Each envelope should contain:

  • 30-50 seeds for plants, grasses and forbs
  • 6 for shrubs
  • 3 for trees

Download and fill in this form and submit it to the Library before or during our upcoming seed packaging events (you can also submit a hand written form)

Have questions? Please contact us  

Additional Resources

Get an overview of the process of collecting, storing and growing native plants by watching:

You can also read Simple Protocols for Collecting Wild Plants Native to Northeastern Canada, Brittany Rantala-Sykes and Daniel Campbell.